Estate Law

Our solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with all deceased estate-related matters, ranging from simple family provision claims and contested wills through to the removal of rogue trustees and recovery from them, to dealing with non-estate assets and foreign assets, and dealing with issues arising during lifetime, such as contested Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianships. We are experts in Court practice and procedure, and use that expertise in a highly strategic and effective manner in all cases.

We understand how touchy and sensitive such matters can be, and we offer sympathy, understanding and highly effective advocacy, in the absence of judgment. We work on a range of cases involving the most simple or highly complicated circumstances, and estates of all sizes and natures.

Our goal is to minimise costs and obtain the most commercially beneficial outcome possible, while maximising a client’s claim or entitlement. We will never drum up fees and pressure our client to accept a deal they are not entitely comfortable with. We also consider taking deserving cases in this area on a no-win-no-fee basis, and never tire or reduce our effort on account of that.


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