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Our solicitors have developed a reputation for succeeding in what seem like unwinnable cases. Through a superior knowledge of practice and procedure, an intimate knowledge and understanding of the applicable law in select areas, cross-disciplinary experience and application, a keen commercial focus and relentless advocacy, we achieve exceeding outcomes to most business, commercial and personal problems.

We appear in all Courts and Tribunals in NSW, the High Court of Australia and some Tribunals and Courts in other Australian States and abroad. We also have direct access and a close working relationship with some of Australia’s best barristers.

Because of our experience and results in “back end” litigation and dispute resolution, we are also engaged frequently to assist our client with “front end” work, such as initial advisory and document drafting, so as to minimise the potential for disputes.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of problems and areas we can help with:



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