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Green & Associates builds an appropriate team for each individual case. We use employed and / or contracted solicitors with specific expertise, specialist barristers, accounting and financial experts, other industry experts and even international collaborators, depending on the needs of an individual client and case.

Our Principal Solicitor is Dominic Green. He is admitted to practice in NSW, and holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in law, economics and other disciplines also. By age twenty-seven, Dominic had built a large enough client base, and experienced enough success, to begin taking steps to start the Firm, and in August 2014, he founded it.

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Could I go to jail for that? 

Criminal Prosecution for Corporate Crime in Australia Australia’s statutory landscape for criminal prosecution of corporate crime is a mess – and it’s not just

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Everyone Deserves a Fair Go 

‘I see (the defendants) as vulgar, anti-establishment, antisocial and unpragmatic, but none of those things are indictable’ – Robert Schultz (Prosecutor), The Trial of

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